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Holidays season is a weight killer season...
I end up put on some weights to my tummy....
I looked like I was 5months pregnant

So I started my yogurt diet plan!!!
Since my bf said we can only take 2000 cals. a day...
I try to take only the half of it.
I only eat yogurt for my morning and healthy diet lunch that is a total of 520 cals.
then I drink tea at work which....I will go pee pee....A LOT!!
Dinner.... I usually check my fridge for delicious foods that my bf's sis cooked~

Hehe... it's only been 4 days... i start to see some result now.... hopefully i will get back to my normal weight before the school starts!

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on diet~~ continued.....

so after my about four days yogurt diet plan~ I finally weighted myself last night.

I lost about 2 pounds..... I hope it will stay this way~~ hehehee~~~~

theme : does yogurt really help to diet?
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on diet!

OOH.... Holidays is always a season for me to put on some weight on my waist....
But this has gone too far!!!

I decided to eat yogurt to help me diet... but at the same time I am not sure how exactly yogurt will help me.... I was looking at the calories of my was 170 for one little can....

oh well... i will try... we will see how it works!!

theme : does yogurt really help to diet?
genre : Dieting

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