Lovely Sushi Dinner

SUSHI!!!! Who doesn't love sushi?

My boyfriend was being pretty generous to the other day....that he decided to take me out on a date for sushi!!
I was so happy and of course I am not going to save his $$$$$$ at all..... it's SUSHI!!

Since we are old couple, we don't go out on a date that much anymore.... it was nice for him to take me out...

Here are my favorite dishes:

Natto Maki:

Ama Ebi:

It comes with the Ama Ebi:

Me eating:





Lol thanks that you like my blog. It took me days to get it the way I want it. I'm kind of minimalist's a different feeling to have content. xD

Mmm. I had a lunch meeting at the rotary was OKAY. Not like "WOW OMGAD" but okay.

I think nothing will compare to an authentic rotary sushi...the one where they give you those yummy candies at the cash register. T^T


Sushi is insanely expensive! At my work we just recently opened a rotary sushi bar and it is soooo crazy. I mean 6 dollars for 2 pieces? Well it's 7 dollars for a pair of maguro :/ omg. Yeah we serve maguro! Hahaha.


Oh man! I love sushi! I live on Guam, so we have TONS of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean food places here due to the Tourism industry being Guam's main economic income.

I feel like eating sushi now. Haha. Oh, thanks for commenting my BLOG, by the way. Yeah. I love skateboarding. I've been skateboarding since I was 12 years old. I'm 24 years old now, so I've been skating for 12 years. I'm really good at doing tricks, but I've taken a few months break recently because it's been raining here alot and it's not good to get your skateboard wet, because the wood will waterlog (water soaks into the wood and makes it easy to break).

Well, take care, Happy!

- Jest.
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