Studying for web design...

Whew...I am so exhausted now... after two nights of hardcore studying of Flash....My head has exploded!!
I need a good break....

Stay busy is a good thing however too busy isn't a good thing for me...especially my poor body condition...
Working, studying, freelancing, and soon school is going to start again....oh man.... I do hope I could handle my classes for next semester...More importantly I hope I could learn more from prof. !!! break is over again... back to work... busy busy...



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Taiwan!~a wonderful place~
and can i ask u a question?
r u a boy?..n what do u mean about boyfriend? ><
haha~ brokeback mountain>?

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Haha...sorry,'s not my decision. I personally like the nice unretouched photos but clients will request a few changes sometimes...


Yeah, it's kind of funny how a 'shopped pic or reorganized layout is praised.

>_< Makes me kind of mad. BUT OH WELL LOL.

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Both....for school and for myself~

I do freelance for websites...mostly photo retouch loh.


studying flash for school? :o
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